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Smart Sprinkler Drip Irrigation System with Built-in Water Flow Recorder 

Wireless soil temperature and humidity meter that can measure soil humidity and temperature simultaneously and connect to Tuya APP via Zigbee. High industrial performance, low power consumption, high sensitivity measurement, stable performance. Stainless steel probe, accurate measurement, corrosion resistance, electrolysis resistance, stable performance. Zigbee wireless long distance transmission, it must be paired with a gate way, otherwise the product can not be used. Real-time signal transmission, you can check temperature and humidity data on T-uya APP whenever and wherever you want. Temperature and humidity history curves are also provided to provide a basis for analysis. It can be linked to automatic irrigation devices for automatic watering.

IP67 waterproof level, can prevent moisture from entering the inside of the machine, high sealing. Wide applications, it is suitable for a variety of soil types, and can be used in potted plants, vegetable greenhouses, farmland, vegetable fields, lawns and other places.

Smart Garden Watering Irrigation System with Built-In Water Flow Recorder

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